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    Explore the English language through Shakespeare’s plays
    This course will look at the life and works of William Shakespeare and take you from his birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon to the Globe Theatre in London, from where he secured his central place in English literature.

    We will look at five of Shakespeare’s plays with the help of actors and experts from around the world. They will explain and explore the universal themes Shakespeare addressed in his work.

    This course is for people who are learning English and interested in the language and legacy of William Shakespeare.
    The material is designed for non-native English speakers who have studied English to around intermediate level (approximately B1 on the CEFR).

    What topics will you cover?
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • Hamlet
    • Much Ado About Nothing
    • The Tempest
    • Macbeth
    Our video tutor will guide you through the course and look at some of the words and expressions that Shakespeare introduced to the English language.

    Short quizzes will check your understanding and you’ll be asked to share your ideas and opinions on the topics Shakespeare raises.

    Taught by
    Anthony Cosgrove

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