European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals

Required European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals

The European Union is one of the world’s largest and most important economies. This five week course is the first in a series of three that will provide students with an insight into European Business Law. The series ranges from considering the basic structures and principles of the European Union to focusing on various specialized areas of law. Each course will give the students an understanding of the laws and policies that regulate the internal market of European Union, as well as relevant case law and useful inputs from leading practitioners in the field.

Length: 5 Weeks
Effort: 10-15 hours per week
Price: FREE (Add a verified certificate for £36)
Provider: Lund University via Coursera
Subject: Business Law
Level: Introductory
Languages: English
Instructors: Jörgen Hettne, Cécile Brokelind, Sanja Bogojevi ć, Michael Bogdan, Anna Wiberg, Mia Rönnmar and Björn Lundqvist

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