English at Work: Job Applications

edX English at Work: Job Applications

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2-4 hours a week
5 weeks
Paid Certificate Available
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Based on interviews with industry professionals and recruitment specialists, this course helps you create a compelling CV / résumé and job application that will get your foot in the door.

Be the last they have to read - Be the first they want to call!

Once you have your professional knowledge and gained your experience, how you persuade others to believe that you are as good as you say you are is the challenge. Our instructors have had a 100% success rate in getting interviews and landing a job, and we hope to share that experience with you.

How will this course change your job application process?
  • No more generic CVs! Our recruitment specialists will tell you exactly what they are looking for in applicants.
    • As a verified user, you get step by step language guides on how to highlight why you are the person they are looking for!
  • Forget Google samples! Put together job applications based on practical tips from experienced professionals.
    • As a verified user, you get personalised feedback on your CVs, Cover Letters or your LinkedIn profile!
  • Stop asking Google! Exchange ideas with a global community of learners.
    • As a verified user, you get face-to-face online sessions with our team.
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What you'll learn
In this course you will learn how to create:
  • captivating CVs and résumés
  • engaging cover letters
  • compelling online presence
As well as identifying how to succeed in the job search process.

Week 1: Excelling at Leadership and Creativity
Find out what industry professionals think are the qualities and attributes of a leader, and why creativity is important in job applications; learn what you should do before applying for a job, plus vocabulary related to ambition and how to modify your level of formality.

Week 2: Getting your CV / Résumé Noticed
Know what you should put in a CV, and what should be left out. Learn different ways of ordering information in a CV, who you could use as a referee, plus vocabulary related to action verbs and HR buzz words.

Week 3: Selling Yourself in the Cover Letter
Learn how a cover letter can effectively complement a CV and give you the edge. Get tips from recruiters, as well as language input about parallel structures, verb forms, tone and style.

Week 4: Creating a Compelling Online Presence
Study the importance of an online presence when applying for jobs. Create your own online profile and expand your digital vocabulary.

Week 5: Completion of Peer Assessment

Taught by
Bee Dy and Jessica Xia
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