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Moocs for Credit edX ACE Alternative Credit Project

Receive credit at an ACE partner school with selected edX courses

  1. Carolyn
    About the ACE Alternative Credit Project

    EdX is a participant in the Alternative Credit Project, an effort to assist the global adult population who are eligible to return to college to complete a degree or credential because they already have completed some college coursework. By taking select online courses with edX you can build up credits for general education courses that will transfer directly into participating colleges, saving money and putting you in control of the pace of your studies.

    As you complete your online courses with edX, you’ll build a college transcript with the American Council on Education (ACE), the sponsor of the Alternative Credit Project.

    How it Works
    • Find a course listed here that you are interested in taking
    • Visit www.alternativecreditproject.com to see which college or university accepts the course for credit
    • Take the course with the Verified Certificate option. The cost varies by course, but will be less than $300 USD/course for all ACE approved courses....
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