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What is a Data Analyst?
Broadly speaking, data analysts use data analysis tools to translate and interpret data that is collected by companies to help them make better business decisions by answering questions and solving problems. Data Analysts can work in various different fields, including operations analysis, marketing analysis, financial analysis, etc.

What skills do data analysts need?
  • SQL, Python, R, Excel
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Database Systems
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Business Acumen

What qualifications do you need to become a data analyst?
You don't necessarily need a degree to get a job as a data analyst, although a degree in fields like mathematics, statistics or computer science will be useful. Strong mathematics and analysis skills are needed.

How much can a data analyst earn?
According to Indeed, the #1 job site, the average salary for a Data Analyst in 2018 is £49,486 per year in the United Kingdom and $69,750 per year in the United States.

How do I gain the skills to become a Data Analyst?
The following list of courses provides you with a step-by-step path to help you gain the necessary skills to land a job as a Data Analyst. The open online courses are open to anyone and are delivered by top universities and organisations. Little to no previous experience is required - you can follow the step-by-step path or select the courses that are most relevant to your needs.

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