Credit bearing Engineering Management Course from the University of Leeds on Coursera

Earn 15 credits towards an MSc Engineering Management online degree from the University of Leeds.

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  1. Carolyn
    The University of Leeds has teamed up with Coursera to deliver online modules that can count directly towards an MSc Engineering Management online degree from the University. The program, Managing Major Engineering Projects, looks at some of the key reasons big projects suffer delays or go over budget and will be composed of 3 courses. It can lead to the award of 15 credits from the University of Leeds, which can then count towards an MSc Engineering Management online degree from Leeds.

    How it works
    Managing Major Engineering Projects is made up of three courses and a credit-bearing Capstone project. The first to launch, Major Engineering Project Performance, starts on Monday 12 March and will help you learn how to plan major projects by introducing you to their key characteristics and performance related risks.

    Each course will take about five hours of study each week for five weeks, using a series of online video lectures and assessment activities, as well as reading.

    Eligible learners who successfully complete the three courses will then be invited to apply for the Capstone project, which requires 75 hours of study over up to 12 weeks. This Capstone project will include extra content, including access to University of Leeds online library resources, and guidance, feedback and marked assessments from tutors, together with interaction with fellow learners.

    Those who successfully complete the Specialization and the Capstone will earn 15 postgraduate taught student credits from the University of Leeds. They will then be encouraged to apply for a full online master’s programme in Engineering Management, towards which the 15 credits will count, and earn them a fee reduction.

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