Creating and Sustaining an Innovation Culture

edX Creating and Sustaining an Innovation Culture

University of Queensland
8-10 hours/week
10 weeks
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Go beyond just an individual new product, service and/or business model initiative to build a culture of innovation.

This course will help you identify the organizational barriers to innovation and provide you with the tools to assess your innovation readiness. You will learn new skills, capabilities and strategies that will help you to drive innovation in your team or organization. Through case studies and interactive exercises, you will develop skills in creating organizational cultures and structures that support innovation, build capacity and resources in your team and organization for innovation and examine your role as an innovation leader who empowers champions of innovation.

The course concludes by discussing the importance of ensuring that innovation is purposeful and that it creates economic and social value.

What you'll learn
  • The components required to build innovation as a capability,
  • How to set innovation strategy and build capacity and resources for innovation,
  • Barriers to innovation/innovation readiness,
  • How to manage organizational change resulting from innovation,
  • Designing and managing organizational structures, cultures and leadership for innovation,
  • How to ensure innovation is value based.
Week 1: Innovation, innovation capacity and innovation capability
Introduce the concepts of innovation capacity and capabilities

Week 2: Barriers to innovation/innovation readiness
Evaluate the barriers to innovation and discuss how organizations can get ready to innovate

Week 3: Innovation capacity and resources
Explain how organizations find resources and build capacity to innovate

Week 4: Innovating lean
Discuss how organizations can build lean and experimental approaches into their innovation architecture

Week 5: Change management
Explain how change management process can be applied to the introduction of innovation strategies

Week 6: Structuring for innovation
Analyze the different organizational structures that support innovation processes

Week 7: Creating and sustaining an innovation culture (culture as strategic advantage)
Creating and sustaining an innovation culture for strategic advantage

Week 8: Innovation leadership
Understanding the leadership imperative for the successful implementation of innovation

Week 9: Leading Creative/problem-solving Teams
Analyze the leadership styles needed to lead creative and problem-solving teams

Week 10: Purposeful innovation
Ensuring meaningful impact from innovation that creates economic and social value

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Martie-Louise Verreynne
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