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edX Case Studies in Continuous Educational Improvement

University of Michigan via edX

  • Overview
  1. edX
    University of Michigan
    8 weeks
    2-4 hours a week
    Paid Certificate Available
    Part of:
    MicroMasters Program: Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement
    With principles of improvement science as a foundation, new knowledge about the continuous improvement of educational innovations is rapidly emerging among communities of educational professionals and researchers, as they work together in new ways to solve practical problems, improve student performance, and reduce achievement gaps.

    Developed in collaboration with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, this course will use case studies to take learners deep into the design, organization, and management of three innovative approaches to large-scale, practice-focused continuous improvement that have currency in the US and abroad:
    • Design-Based Implementation Research
    • Implementation Science
    • Networked Improvement Communities
    For each case, learners will use logics of innovation to analyze the central strategy of each approach, and they will use principles of improvement science to analyze how each uses disciplined methods to address practical problems faced by teachers and leaders.

    This course is part of the Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement MicroMasters Program offered by MichiganX.

    What you'll learn
    • To identify approaches to continuous improvement appropriate for specific schools and systems.
    • To apply logics of innovation and principles of improvement science to authentic cases of continuous improvement.
    Lesson 1: Analytic Focus #1:

    Fundamental Logic(s) of Innovation and Improvement

    Lesson 2: Analytic Focus #2:
    Application of Improvement Science in Educational Innovation

    (Note: Case studies will include Networked Improvement Communities, Design-Based Implementation Research, Deliverology, Lean/Six Sigma, and Positive Deviance.)

    Taught by
    Donald J. Peurach and Paul LeMahieu

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