Business Model Testing

edX Business Model Testing

Delft University of Technology
2-4 hours/week
8 weeks
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The world is changing rapidly and full of uncertainties. The future success of a business model depends on how well it is adapted to changing circumstances. Do you want to become aware of the relevant developments in technology, markets and society? And understand how this affects your business?

This business and management course will teach you how to stress test your business model. You will learn how to identify the relevant trends and uncertainties and how they impact your business model. You will analyse the strong and weak parts of your business model and look for opportunities to make your business model more robust and future proof.

You will learn through real-world examples from well-known companies and interact with fellow entrepreneurs. By the end of this course, you will be able to stress test your own business model to analyse its future success.

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What you'll learn
  • How to identify which trends and uncertainties will affect your business model
  • Evaluate how robust your business model is given trends and uncertainties
  • Formulate concrete actions to make your business model more robust
Week 1 & 2: My Business model in a dynamic context Recap: structured description of a business model Sources and drivers of change: politics, economy, society, technology, legal, ecology (PESTLE) Trends vs uncertainties.

Week 3 & 4: Selecting trends and uncertainties affecting my business model What are my key stress factors and outcomes (=scenario axis development) Mapping stress factors on business model (facts and issues)

Week 5 & 6: Stress-testing my business model
Confronting BM with the stress factors Create a heat map (=stresstesting)

Week 7 & 8: Improving my business model Analyse the weak and strong points (will my BM be sustainable in the future) What can I do to keep my BM sustainable? (=formulating concrete actions)

Taught by
Harry Bouwman, Mark de Reuver and Timber Haaker
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