AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science AP Computer Science Principles

Starting in the 2016-17 school year, this is the latest AP Computer Science program.
Computer science skills are in high demand and are valued by colleges and employers throughout the world. The AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) course introduces you to the essential ideas of computer science and shows how computing and technology can influence the world around you. You can pursue your interests in digital projects – like apps, films, games or music – that showcase your creativity, and use your creations to make a difference in your community.

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About the Exam

The AP Computer Science Principles Assessment consists of two components: a through-course assessment and the end-of-course AP Exam. Both of these parts will measure your achievement of the course learning objectives.

Through-Course Assessment
For the through-course assessment, you will upload digital artifacts and written responses via a Web-based digital application. You will be asked to describe or analyze your work, whether it includes research, the creation of an artifact (e.g., a video, spreadsheet, graph, or electronic slide show), or the creation of a program.

End-of-Course AP Exam
The end-of-course AP Exam is a paper-and-pencil written exam. It is 2 hours long and includes approximately 74 multiple-choice questions. There are two types of multiple-choice questions:
  • Single Select Multiple-Choice: you select 1 answer from among 4 options
  • Multiple Select Multiple-Choice: you select 2 answers from among 4 options
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