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FutureLearn Antimicrobial Stewardship: Managing Antibiotic Resistance

University of Dundee via FutureLearn

  • Overview
  1. FutureLearn
    University of Dundee
    3 hours/week
    6 weeks
    Paid Certificate Available
    Understand antimicrobial stewardship
    Designed for healthcare professionals, this six-week course will inform you about – and empower you to provide – safe, high-quality antibiotic use. You’ll interact with colleagues globally, to understand what antibiotic resistance means – and why the World Economic Forum has placed it alongside terrorism and climate change on its global risk register. You can also join the course in Español, 中文, or Pусский.

    What topics will you cover?
    • Antibiotic Resistance and its global impact
    • The relationship between antibiotic resistance and prescribing
    • What antimicrobial stewardship is and how it can be implemented in a hospital setting
    • Why measurement is important in stewardship: how it can improve antibiotic prescribing
    • How novel diagnostics can help in clinical decision making for antibiotic prescribing
    • An understanding of the value of Behaviour Change Science to improve antibiotic prescribing
    • Examples of successful antibiotic stewardship from across the globe
    Taught by
    Dilip Nathwani

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