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University of Minnesota
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Software industry is going crazy on agile methods. It is rapidly becoming the choice for software development where requirements are unpredictable or is expected to change over time. This course will help you gain knowledge on what is agile? Why agile is better suited for these situations? We will also cover some of the most common agile frameworks like scrum and XP in depth.

Prerequisite: You need basic knowledge of software development process and software development methodologies.

After completing this course, you will be able to :

1) Demonstrate the ability to participate effectively in agile practices/process for software development.
2) Explain the purpose behind common agile practices.
3) Ability to apply agile principles and values to a given situation.
4) Ability to identify and address most common problems encountered in adopting Agile methods.

Project: You will also be given opportunity to apply what you learn in this course. You will be given fictional case studies, where after studying the case study, you will have to exercise some of the practices, techniques, etc that team members of an agile team members are expected to know.

Agile Fundamentals
In this module, we will learn about agile mindset, the core behind many agile methods. How agile methods are different than traditional methods and when to use agile methods. We will learn about how to apply agile mindset and finally review different frameworks available to implement agile.

Requirements and Planning
In this module we will learn about user stories and agile estimation and planning techniques.

In this module we will learn about Scrum which is one of the most popular agile framework. We will learn about scrum practices and the purpose behind these practices.

XP and Course Wrap-up
In this module, we will compare Scrum to XP and learn about some of the engineering practices from XP.

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Praveen Mittal
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