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Coursera Advanced Converter Control Techniques

University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera

  • Overview
  1. Coursera
    University of Colorado Boulder
    2-3 hours/week
    4 weeks
    Paid Certificate Available
    Part of:
    Power Electronics Specialization
    This course covers advanced converter control techniques, including averaged-switch modeling and Spice simulations, modeling and design of peak current mode and average current mode controlled converters, as well as an introduction to control of single-phase ac grid tied rectifiers and inverters. Design and simulation examples include wide bandwidth point-of-load voltage regulators, low-harmonic power-factor-correction rectifiers, and grid-tied inverters for solar photovoltaic power systems. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to model, design control loops, and simulate state-of-the-art pulse-width modulated (PWM) dc-dc converters, dc-ac inverters, ac-dc rectifiers, and other power electronics systems.

    This course assumes prior completion of Introduction to Power Electronics, Converter Circuits, and Converter Control

    Averaged Switch Modeling and Simulation
    Introduction to Advanced Converter Control Techniques course, and the Week 1 Module on averaged switch modeling and simulations

    Peak Current Mode Control - Part 1
    Introduction to peak current mode control (also known as current-programmed mode (CPM) control)

    Peak Current Mode Control - Part 2
    More accurate modeling and design of peak current mode controlled converters

    Average Current Mode Control
    Average current mode control of dc-dc converters, ac-dc rectifiers and dc-ac inverters

    Taught by
    Dr. Dragan Maksimovic, Robert Erickson and Dr. Khurram Afridi

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