Achieving Advanced Insights with BigQuery

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The third course in this specialization is Achieving Advanced Insights with BigQuery. Here we will build on your growing knowledge of SQL as we dive into advanced functions and how to break apart a complex query into manageable steps.

We will cover the internal architecture of BigQuery (column-based sharded storage) and advanced SQL topics like nested and repeated fields through the use of Arrays and Structs. Lastly we will dive into optimizing your queries for performance and how you can secure your data through authorized views.

Module 10: Advanced Functions and Clauses
Deepen your knowledge of SQL on BigQuery by learning about more advanced functions like statistical approximations, analytical window queries, user-defined functions, and WITH clauses.

Module 11: Schema Design and Nested Data Structures
Walkthrough the evolution of how traditional databases handle dataset scale and compare how BigQuery was developed to address scaling limitations. Deep dive into nested and repeated fields which are a key part of denormalized BigQuery data structures.

Module 12: More Visualization with Google Data Studio
Dive deeper into advanced visualization topics like dashboard calculated fields, filters, multi-page reports, and dashboard cache.

Module 13: Optimizing for Performance
Learn the fundamental pieces of work that impact BigQuery performance and how to optimize your queries for speed.

Module 14: Advanced Insights with Cloud Datalab
Introducing Cloud Datalab -- a key tool in the Data Scientist toolkit -- which enables analysts to collaborate through the use of scalable cloud notebooks.

Module 15: Data Access
Securing and sharing your BigQuery datasets is critical for any organization. Learn what Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery tools are available to you to permission control and share your data.

Congratulations! You have made it to the end (or rather the beginning) of your data analyst journey. Learn what recommended resources are available to you for continued training.

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