FutureLearn A History of Public Health in Post-War Britain

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    History can offer us a unique insight into the public health problems, policies, and practices of the past, and is of critical importance to our understanding of healthcare in the contemporary world.

    This online course will offer you an opportunity to bring the past into conversation with the present, enabling you to set the changing nature of public health in post-war Britain in context with changes seen today.

    What topics will you cover?
    • How the meaning and scope of public health has changed in Britain over the last 70 years
    • The nature of public health services and their shifting relationship to local government and the National Health Service
    • Individual responsibility for public health
    • How chronic disease became a key challenge for public health
    • The persistence of infectious disease and the appearance of new conditions like HIV/AIDS
    • Socioeconomic status and its impact on public health
    • Health education techniques, tactics and effectiveness
    • Attempts to use regulations to improve public health
    • The limits of public health, its successes and failures over time.
    Who is the course for?
    Learners from across the world who are intrigued by the history of public health in Britain. No prior knowledge or expertise in the area is needed, although you may be a student, professional, or individual with an interest in an aligned field, such as healthcare, medicine, public health, local government, history, or science.

    Taught by
    Alex Mold and Suzanne Taylor

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