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Moocs for Credit ‘Freshman Year for Free’ Program: Texas State University System with edX

Earn up to one full year of college credit tuition-free

  1. Carolyn
    The Texas State University System (TSUS) in partnership with the Modern States Education Alliance are planning a program allowing students to earn up to one full year of college credit tuition-free, reducing the cost of a degree by up to 25 percent. TSUS is the first public university system in Texas to partner with Modern States’ ‘Freshman Year for Free’ program.
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    The program, available to students in fall 2016, will offer more than 30 top quality online college courses ranging from U.S. history to astronomy at no cost, along with free online texts and materials. These courses are under development through edX, the joint venture of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology that is the nation’s leading developer of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Students can take as few — or as many — of the courses as they’d like.

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    How it works

    Students wishing to participate in the TSUS-Modern States program will be able to select freshman-level courses from the Modern States catalog that apply toward degrees at TSUS’s eight component institutions. After completing these courses, students will be prepared to take Advanced...
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