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Hello, girls of MoocLab ! I have a study group for girls on discord! If you want to join in, just tell me :D !
Hi everyone i am a medical student first year and i want a study buddy to study hard with me and know all new about medicine, i also wanna study for usmle from now so it is a lot of hardwork i think, anyone to chat on WhatsApp and study together?
Hi All,

We are studying together everyday. Currently, there are around 20 people in the group, so there is almost always someone online. PM me if you would also like to join
Hi guys, I am a 1st year medical student in the UK and I want to spend a lot of time studying. I want to find a study group/buddy to sit down and study for approx 10 hours every day, pushing each other forward. Exam in early May. Anyone?
hey guys in currently in high school in india and am preparing for my medical entrance exam . Am looking for a study buddy and where the person stays doesnt matter that much to me . I just want someone who will push me to do my best , study together , help in planning and all
Hello everyone, I'm Abi, I'm a 5th year med student and I would like to study with someone equally motivated. My time zone is GMT+1. Just text me me or post a comment if you're interested
Hi yall,we'll study together every day around min 10-12 hours on zoom or something,if u wanna be member text me^^
Hey, I'm a first year medical student and I'm studying for USMLE Step 1. Please hit me up if you'd like to have silent study sessions together. I procrastinate a lot and I'd like to eventually have a study group and be able to focus. We could share our timetables to see if it works out.
any medical student here? weekend study session quiz, a test of topics assigned, and discussions over zoom.
UTC +2h.( anatomy+physiology+biochemistry+ histology)
Hi everyone I am a 5th year medical student , I am in orthopedics round right now and i procrastinate a lot and i need any study partner and be able to focus together and share timetables and achieve goals
Ahmed Galal
I’m a medical student. I need to increase my study potential through study partnership . feel free to ask me to be ur medical study partner to work days n nights without any downs .
Hi Everyone!
If u wanna study with us,add me on zoom then ill add u to the group
see u around :)
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Anyone wanna be study partners for USMLE Step 1? We can discuss different concepts via zoom/skype or chat about concepts we're confused about.
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Sure. I’m having a plan to study for step1
We can make it together !!
My whatsapp no
I'm studying Cardiology now and moving to RS tomorrow.
I am a med student who just started clinicals, would love a study partner for accountability and to be able to share knowledge, ask each other questions and motivate each other. Anyone interested?
Anyone studying histology? ☺️ I’m in UTC+1
Anyone down to study rn (mics off)??
Anyone down to study rn (mics off)??
Taimour H
Hey people, I'm a third year mbbs student (currently in the US) and my papers start in Jan so I have to study long hours now. Looking for a mute video study buddy/group to study with on discord or skype. I study from the afternoon till late sunrise. Hmu!
Hello All,

I am doing a research for my Master's in Higher Education, and I would like to conduct interviews with students about their methods when it comes to studying together online. Anyone would be willing to have a 20 minute interview in the coming days? :)
Hello everyone, is anyone studying right now?