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Rule: Turning on your Camera is mandatory exception only when we have verified you :) Its just a small quiet group, individual are focused on completing their daily target. So we ain't a crowded room but a Go-Getter room.
female only study group
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Female only study group on skype. Studying
I really just want to study with girls my age and use the Pomodoro method and get to know each other. I’ll post a link when I start a session or you can even too
Girls only study buddies
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This is a safe place where we can study among girls. Welcome to the study buddy family! We don't just study together but also support eachother and share in our whatsapp group (those who want to be part of it freely). Join to boost your productivity :)
Are We There Yet?
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This is a group where any female can come and study anything. whether you are in high school or in college. come and join and study along with me
Birds of a Feather
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Being part of a study group learning team helps to avoid procrastination. Study groups can help you develop as a student, person, and professional. Study groups encourage members to think creatively and build strong communication skills.
Girls Study
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A only girl study group :)
Introvert's Study Group
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This group is for those who are introverted yet want to study with others quietly and have companionship without the pressure of holding a conversation.