1. Gus_Berisha

    Study Buddy Join us to study! all level all are welcome!

    Hey everyone! We're a fun bunch of 10+ awesome people (we used to be 50+ strong!) looking to add more cool folks to our daily Zoom study group! We've got members from all over the world – India, US, UK, Sri Lanka, and beyond! Wherever you're from, you're welcome to study or work with us every...
  2. Gus_Berisha

    Study Buddy Zoom study group (want to add more people) Join us!

    Hey everyone! :D We're a fun and friendly bunch, a group of 10+ awesome people (we used to be 50+ strong!) looking to add even more cool folks to our daily Zoom study group! And guess what? We're a global gang with members from all over the world – India, the US, the UK, Sri Lanka, and plenty...
  3. Jemma

    Study Buddy I have multiple disabilities and am hoping to find a quiet friendly study buddy to hang with

    I love reading books and writing poetry and Sci-fi. I am about to start my first year of a creative writing bachelors degree program, I’m 18. My courses are mostly asynchronous which will be pretty lonely. I enjoy lots about lots of other subjects too including social studies and science. In...
  4. Olive_med

    Study Buddy Study buddy for Med degree

    Hey I am looking for a study buddy or small study group that can video chat on zoom or another platform like it. I work better on video and could do with some socialising as my course is online! I’m trying to increase the amount I study from 8 hours to 10 hours a day so would appreciate a...
  5. Kris Tina


    Hello :) Study with me LIVE! Professional finance, data science, dog training, etc. Chats during breaks Current plan: UTC +1 from 14:00 to 17:00 Pomodoro sessions with breaks. At least five days per week; Mostly sit in silence studying own material, chat during breaks (optional); Skype/...
  6. Murtaza_Niyazi

    Study Buddy A Motivational medical partner

    Hi there I want a study partner for my studies I am already having a good session count per day but sometimes i get distracted and then i am lost in the endless thoughts of life i want a study partner who is either my age or smaller than me (1 year senior will work too) We can study on zoom...
  7. Suramisu

    Study Buddy Looking for a female study bud (10+ hours of studying)

    Hey, I'm a driven and hardworking medical student preparing for an entrance exam. I'm looking for a study partner(medical or non medical field) for accountability and motivation( preferably female). My time zone is UTC+5. Thank you!
  8. C

    Study Buddy Zoom Quiet Studying

    Hey guys! If anyone would like to join my Zoom Studying, here is the link :) https://us04web.zoom.us/j/71003594888?pwd=OGtVODdKQVpBNU95cThtc3ZzNm5HZz09 And password: 71bqPr Best of luck to all!
  9. M

    Study Buddy Study group GMT -8 (and +/-5 , or anyone who can study during that time) Zoom quiet study

    Hi! I just created a Skype group chat for anyone in GMT -8 and +/-5 hours from that, or if can study during that time please feel free to join. Recurring Zoom link will be shared once you are in the group chat. :) Join conversation Only polite & nice people who are serious about their studying...
  10. O

    Study Buddy Study Zoom:)

    Come join my zoom and study with me! Let’s motivate eachother:) Meeting ID: 779 8912 9450 passcode: jc04k3
  11. G

    Google meet study group

    Please join using following link on google meet https://meet.google.com/efx-ttjr-csj
  12. let's study together every day

    let's study together every day

    Hi yall,welcome to our community,we'll meet on zoom after a short time.
  13. Z

    Zoom Buddies

    hii! we all agree that studying with a group of people keeps us more motivated. then why don't we study together on zoom?