1. U

    upsc 2024

    Seeking a study partner for the UPSC examination! As I embark on the challenging journey of preparing for the UPSC, I believe that collaborative learning is key to success. I am on the lookout for a dedicated and motivated study partner who shares the same aspirations and commitment to excel in...
  2. U

    UPSC CSE 2024

    This is a platform for those who are seriously preparing for UPSC CSE 2024. Let's use this forum for discussions regarding the topics relevant to GS and optional and also help each other out with evaluation of answers.
  3. UPSCaspirant23786

    Study Buddy UPSC CSE 2024

    I am good at geography, history and polity. Need study buddy
  4. Jay22

    Study Buddy Serious studymate preparing for competitive exams (IST)

    Hello, I am looking for a studymate . IST Language : English Preparing for competitive exams. Serious aspirant. Regular study. Communication : through Discord We can study together by being connected through voice channel on discord. Daily target sharing and it's completion. Exam target year...
  5. M

    Study Buddy Study Buddy needed

    Hello everyone, I am a IIT graduate with 3 years of experience of working in MNC. I left my job in 2021 to prepare for upsc which i am doing sincerely since then. I am in need of a partner which can act as a support system in this long journey, thereby helping each other in every possible way.
  6. A

    Study Buddy UPSC aspirant

    Hii. My name is Saru. I have a bachelor's degree in history subject. I am currently preparing for the UPSC exams. Preparing for such exams on your own is in itself a challenge..although it's our journey to reach our goal, having a partner/buddy along the journey makes it more enjoyable... Hence...
  7. abhays

    Study Buddy Upsc mains 2022

    Looking for study partner for mains 2022
  8. F

    Study Buddy Need a Study partner

    Hi Myself Fathima An 2023 Upsc Aspirant IamA total beginner so I need a buddy to study with - a trustworthy one Let me know if any one is there.