1. S

    Study Buddy UPSC 24 Study Partner

    Hi, I will be appearing first time for CSE this year. I have self studied and have thoroughly prepared for the upcoming examination. I’m looking for like minded people who are serious aspirants and would like to share this journey with me. I have Commerce as my optional so people with same...
  2. UPSCaspirant23786

    Study Buddy UPSC CSE 2024

    I am good at geography, history and polity. Need study buddy
  3. Jay22

    Study Buddy Serious studymate preparing for competitive exams (IST)

    Hello, I am looking for a studymate . IST Language : English Preparing for competitive exams. Serious aspirant. Regular study. Communication : through Discord We can study together by being connected through voice channel on discord. Daily target sharing and it's completion. Exam target year...
  4. M

    Study Buddy Study Buddy needed

    Hello everyone, I am a IIT graduate with 3 years of experience of working in MNC. I left my job in 2021 to prepare for upsc which i am doing sincerely since then. I am in need of a partner which can act as a support system in this long journey, thereby helping each other in every possible way.
  5. A

    Study Buddy UPSC aspirant

    Hii. My name is Saru. I have a bachelor's degree in history subject. I am currently preparing for the UPSC exams. Preparing for such exams on your own is in itself a challenge..although it's our journey to reach our goal, having a partner/buddy along the journey makes it more enjoyable... Hence...
  6. abhays

    Study Buddy Upsc mains 2022

    Looking for study partner for mains 2022
  7. F

    Study Buddy Need a Study partner

    Hi Myself Fathima An 2023 Upsc Aspirant IamA total beginner so I need a buddy to study with - a trustworthy one Let me know if any one is there.