strategic management

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    Study Buddy Strategy

    A business student with a passion for strategy + other subjects. Dm!
  2. Coursera

    Coursera Strategic Management

    Overview The world of business strategy is in transition. What used to work doesn't anymore -- not necessarily. This course prepares you to think strategically in an age when companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have become more valuable (in market cap terms) than companies like Exxon...
  3. edX

    edX Strategic Management: From Intuition to Insight

    Overview Learn how to design effective strategy processes and to spot fundamental market and technology changes in your industry. This foundational course enables you to analyze shifting industry structures and develop new capabilities in times of industry transition by covering different parts...
  4. edX

    edX Strategic Management: From Insight to Decision

    Overview Learn how to (re)position your organization, orchestrate strategic alliances and assess strategic options from an ethical perspective. This advanced strategic management course helps you translate strategic insights into smart strategic decisions on positioning, partnering and being...
  5. edX

    edX Effective Decision Making: Dealing with Business Complexity

    Overview As an engineer in a leadership position, you will be faced with new responsibilities and tasks. These may include developing a business (unit) strategy and a business plan and being involved in strategic planning. Your success in dealing with these new responsibilities will largely...
  6. Coursera

    Coursera Keeping up with Change: Issues for the Finance Professional

    Overview This MOOC identifies and explores a number of challenges to the finance professional arising from the ever changing business environment. Increasingly, financial decisions must take account of strategic consequences. The first module, Exploring Strategic Position, Choice and Action...