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    Coursera Speaking to persuade: Motivating audiences with solid arguments and moving language

    Overview In the professional realm, we need to be able to argue without being argumentative. Whether you are fundraising for a nonprofit, pitching a business proposal, or suggesting a change to company policy, you are making arguments. In making the case for your topic, you often want to raise...
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    Coursera Presentation skills: Effective Presentation Delivery

    Overview Mumbling, stumbling, worrying, trembling, sweating and fearing are the outcomes of the low delivery skills. In this course, we are not going to teach you how to replicate the best bits and traits of the acknowledged speakers. Dumb replication of someone’s successful behavior may help...
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    Study Resource Barriers to speaking 2018-05-05

    Barriers to Speaking Children communication/speech is affected by various barriers. These are some of the barriers suggested by your predecessors. Go through them and see whether they are all valid and suggest some more: (i) Lack of appropriate vocabulary – they do not have the right words...