1. Coursera

    Coursera The Power of Markets I: The Basics of Supply and Demand and Consumer Behavior

    Overview This opening module of the Power of Markets course covers the basic assumptions about market participants made by economists, the concept of opportunity cost, and the key determinants of supply and demand. We will then learn how to use the supply-demand framework to explain and predict...
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    Coursera The Power of Markets II: Market Structure and Firm Behavior

    Overview In order to maximize profits, firms must ensure that any given output level is produced at least cost and then select the price-output combination that results in total revenue exceeding total cost by the greatest amount possible. With this in mind, this second module of the Power of...
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    Coursera The Power of Markets III: Input Markets and Promoting Efficiency

    Overview The final module of the Power of Markets course begins by further exploring firm behavior in imperfectly competitive market settings: how firms with monopoly power can increase profits through price discrimination; and the price-output combinations we can expect firms to select in cases...
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    Coursera Firm Level Economics: Consumer and Producer Behavior

    Overview All goods and services are subject to scarcity at some level. Scarcity means that society must develop some allocation mechanism – rules to determine who gets what. Over recorded history, these allocation rules were usually command based – the king or the emperor would decide. In...
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    Coursera Firm Level Economics: Markets and Allocations

    Overview In this class, we will derive equilibrium outcomes across a variety of market structures. We will begin by understanding equilibrium under a market structure called Perfect Competition, a benchmark construction. Economists have tools to measure the efficiency of market outcomes. We next...
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    Coursera Country Level Economics: Macroeconomic Variables and Markets

    Overview This course discusses how macroeconomic variables affect individuals’ personal, professional, and public activities and lays the foundation for the analysis of the mechanisms that drive macroeconomic variables. It start in its first module by introducing the key macroeconomic variables...