1. makarov_monarch

    Study Buddy Looking for Korean Language Study Buddy

    Hi! I study without a fixed schedule. Looking for study friends who can help me cement my study rhythm. People who are particularly suffering, who've overcome, or who are immune to procrastination bouts. Hit me up if you're interested, thanks!
  2. Coursera

    Coursera First Step Korean

    Overview This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family...
  3. Coursera

    Coursera Learn to Speak Korean 1

    Overview Welcome to Learn to Speak Korean 1! This course is for beginner students who are familiar with the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Through this course students will learn the skills essential for daily interactions with Koreans while living in Korea. This course consists of six modules...
  4. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Introduction to Korean

    Overview Start learning Korean and discover its fascinating culture This course will introduce you to the Korean language, and present and explain Korean culture, enabling you to have real Korean conversations. During the course, you will learn Korean phrases, greetings, vocabulary, numbers...
  5. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Introduction to Korean 2

    Overview Find out how to speak Korean more fluently This online course will improve your Korean communication skills and give you a taste of Korean culture. This course follows the course Introduction to Korean. On this course, you’ll improve your understanding of Korean phrases, greetings...