film studies

  1. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn The Business of Film

    Overview Find out how movies are funded, made and marketed Making a film is a creative exploit, but just like any other business, the aim is also to make money. This online course will show you how. It has been created with Pinewood Studios – the leading provider of studio services to the...
  2. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn The Living Picture Craze: An Introduction to Victorian Film

    Overview Explore the birth of film and the end of Queen Victoria’s epic reign Roll up! Roll up! Take your seats for the ‘Living Picture’ craze! In this course we journey back to the end of the Victorian era; a time of intense modernisation and unprecedented change. Using the BFI’s unique...
  3. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn WW1 Heroism: Through Art and Film

    Overview The centenary of the First World War is a time for reflection and exploration. In this short course you will discover just some of the ways that heroism is portrayed through art and film. You will explore recruitment posters and the messages they portrayed for both those going to war...
  4. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Film Distribution: Connecting Films with Audiences

    Overview Get an introduction to how the UK film business works With over 800 films a year being released, the choice for cinema goers is massive and ever changing. How do we, as members of the film audience, find out about films? What methods are available to film distributors to attract our...
  5. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Media Literacy and Representation

    Overview Learn how to critically analyse diverse media and understand their influence. Do the media we consume reflect our reality? Or, do media provide symbols and images that give meaning to the world? This course takes you beyond notions of accuracy and inaccuracy, fiction and non-fiction, to...
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    FutureLearn An Introduction to Screenwriting

    Overview Screenplays form the starting point for most dramatic films, the essential work from which all other filmmaking flows. All of the tender romance, terrifying action and memorable lines begin at the screenwriter’s desk. This free online course will introduce you to the basic elements and...