energy systems

  1. Coursera

    Coursera Energy 101: The Big Picture

    Overview As a society and individually, we use energy every moment of our lives to improve our quality of life. Energy 101 will develop the big picture and connect the details of our energy use, technology, infrastructure, impact, and future. Taught by Sam Shelton
  2. Coursera

    Coursera Our Energy Future

    Overview This course is designed to introduce students to the issues of energy in the 21st century – including food and fuels – which are inseparably linked – and will discuss energy production and utilization from the biology, engineering, economics, climate science, and social science...
  3. Coursera

    Coursera Fundamentals of Fluid Power

    Overview Fluid power has the highest power density of all conventional power-transmission technologies. Learn the benefits and limitations of fluid power, how to analyze fluid power components and circuits, and how to design and simulate fluid power circuits for applications. In this course...
  4. Coursera

    Coursera Wind Energy

    Overview How tall is a modern wind turbine and how can it possibly generate power from the wind? This course gives an overview of key aspects in wind energy engineering. Whether you are looking for general insight in this green technology or your ambition is to pursue a career in wind energy...
  5. Coursera

    Coursera Introduction to Thermodynamics: Transferring Energy from Here to There

    Overview COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides an introduction to the most powerful engineering principles you will ever learn - Thermodynamics: the science of transferring energy from one place or form to another place or form. We will introduce the tools you need to analyze energy systems...
  6. edX

    edX Energy Principles and Renewable Energy

    Overview This course addresses the important global issue of transitioning to a sustainable energy future. The course covers: basic energy concepts and terms; energy systems; the challenge of fossil-fuel greenhouse gas emissions from power generation; and describes and evaluates a range of...
  7. edX

    edX Low Emission Technologies and Supply Systems

    Overview This course examines electricity generation from traditional sources including coal, gas and nuclear, and describes recent developments to improve efficiency and environmental performance. This includes the use of carbon capture and storage technology as a way of decarbonising...
  8. edX

    edX Energy Systems Integration: A Trend or a Revolution?

    Overview This course has been developed with the support of EIT InnoEnergy and ESIG. Businesses and institutions all over the world face critical energy challenges. Namely: the rising cost of energy, the effects of climate change, and the resulting threats to our energy security. If you want...