clinical research

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    Researchers Study Group

    A study group for fellow researchers. We can all learn new stuff from one another and grow together.
  2. Coursera

    Coursera Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Overview We will introduce methods to perform systematic reviews and meta-analysis of clinical trials. We will cover how to formulate an answerable research question, define inclusion and exclusion criteria, search for the evidence, extract data, assess the risk of bias in clinical trials, and...
  3. Coursera

    Coursera Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics

    Overview If you’ve ever skipped over`the results section of a medical paper because terms like “confidence interval” or “p-value” go over your head, then you’re in the right place. You may be a clinical practitioner reading research articles to keep up-to-date with developments in your field or...
  4. Coursera

    Coursera Introduction to Translational Science

    Overview Translational science seeks to speed up the process of moving research discoveries from the laboratory into healthcare practices. Numerous scientific and organizational roadblocks can act as obstacles along the path of translation and ultimately hinder the speed of progress in medical...
  5. Coursera

    Coursera Clinical Epidemiology

    Overview Evidence forms the basis of modern medicine. Clinical research provides us with this evidence, guiding health professionals towards solutions to problems that they face in daily practice. Transferring existing problems in medical practice to a research setting is a challenging process...
  6. Coursera

    Coursera Drug Development

    Overview The University of California San Diego, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Drug Development course brings you lectures from both faculty and industry experts. With this course, recorded on campus at UCSD, we seek to share our access to top people in the field who...
  7. Coursera

    Coursera Data Management for Clinical Research

    Overview This course presents critical concepts and practical methods to support planning, collection, storage, and dissemination of data in clinical research. Understanding and implementing solid data management principles is critical for any scientific domain. Regardless of your current (or...
  8. Coursera

    Coursera Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials

    Overview Clinical trials are experiments designed to evaluate new interventions to prevent or treat disease in humans. The interventions evaluated can be drugs, devices (e.g., hearing aid), surgeries, behavioral interventions (e.g., smoking cessation program), community health programs (e.g...
  9. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

    Overview Everything we do in healthcare has to be discovered and thoroughly tested before it can be put into practice. In this course you will explore clinical research – its challenges and its huge benefits to modern healthcare. You will work through case studies and examine how research...