chemical engineering

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    Study Buddy I wanna kick off my 2020 with new goal

    Hi everyone! I'm Dyla.I'm doing bachelor in chemical engineering .I'm 20 and it's my first year doing this course.I need a study buddy to help me upgrade my knowledge in chemical engineering. its because too hard for study alone.
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    edX Biorefinery: From Biomass to Building Blocks of Biobased Products

    Overview The use of fossil resources is a controversial topic and there is much scientific research to argue against their use for energy, chemicals, and in the production of almost every product. Because of this, we're seeing a huge shift towards sustainable biobased and renewable resources and...
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    edX Catalytic Conversions for Biobased Chemicals and Products

    Overview Biomass is the only renewable feedstock which contains the carbon atoms needed to make the molecules to create chemicals, materials and fuels. However, the majority of our current scientific and industrial knowledge on conversion is based on fossil feedstock processing. Join this...