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Free & Low-Cost Online Course Providers

These providers offer an alternative to traditional campus based courses by providing free and/or affordable skill-based or academic courses online, some with transferable credit which is recognised by certain colleges or universities. This category of online course providers does not include MOOC platforms. If you wish to view our MOOC Platform Comparison Table, please click here.

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Rank 2017ProviderCostNº CoursesBest forSubjectsCourse TypeLearning PathwaysLanguagesAccreditationOverall Rating
1StraighterLine$99 a month plus $49 a course60+ CoursesHigher Ed StudentsBusiness, English, Health Sciences, Humanities, Math, Science, Languages, Technology, and Social SciencesPaid self-paced or professor-led online coursesYesEnglishCollege Credits3.62
2Khan AcademyFree5,000+ vido lessonsHigh School & Higher Ed Students, General InterestMath, Science, Computer programming, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance, Test prepFree self-paced video coursesYesSite versions in Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese + Video lessons translated into almost 40 languagesBadges3.41
3Udemy$20 to $200+ per course40,000+ video coursesGeneral interest, High School & Higher Ed Students, ProfessionalsBusiness & entrepreneurship, programming, academics, the arts, health & fitness, language, music, technology, gamesCrowdsourced Self-paced video coursesNo40+ languagesCertificates3.24
4AlisonFree750+ CoursesProfessionals, K-12, General InterestArts, Career Development, Computer Science, Economics, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Psychology, Science, Software, Test PrepFree Self-paced CoursesYesMostly EnglishCertificates3.15
5Ed2go$99 per course / $695 to $5,995 per training program300+ courses & 100+ career training programsProfessionals, general interest Business, College Readiness, Design and Composition, Health, Language and Arts, Law and Legal, Personal Development, Teaching and Education, TechnologySelf-paced interactive online training coursesYesEnglishCertificates3.09
6Sophia$329 per course20 courses/37,000 free tutorialsHigh School & Higher Ed Students, General InterestMaths, statistics, accounting, sciences, humanities, social sciences, business, World Languages, Learning StrategiesFree & paid self-paced online courses & tutorialsYesEnglishCollege Credits3.03
7OpenLearning$19 - $590 per course3,300+ CoursesGeneral interest, K-12 & Higher Ed Students, ProfessionalsArts & Humanities, Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Business, Education, SportCrowdsourced Self-paced & scheduled (Free & Paid)NoEnglish (predominantly), MalayNone2.85
8Digital Business AcademyFree11 CoursesProfessionalsDigital product development, digital marketing, business financeSelf-paced online coursesNoEnglishCertificates2.82$25-$35/month or $240-$360/year4,000+ video tutorialsProfessionalsSoftware applications, web development, business, creativeSelf-paced video tutorialsYesEnglish, French, German, SpanishCertificates of Completion2.79
9LinkedIn Learning$29.99 / month9,000+ video tutorialsProfessionalsBusiness, Creative, Education and TechSelf-paced video tutorialsYesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, JapaneseBadges2.79
10GCFLearnFreeFree2,000+ lessonsK-12 students, Professionals, General InterestTechnology, Reading, Maths, Microsoft, Work & Career, Everyday LifeFree self-paced tutorialsYesEnglish, Spanish, PortugueseCertificates2.76
11TED.EdFree200,000+ video lessonsK-12 & Higher Ed Students & Educators, Academics, Professionals, General InterestSciences, Technology, Engineering, Design, Arts & Humanities, IT, Social Sciences, Business, EducationFree self-paced lecture videos and articlesNo100+ languagesNone2.71
12The Great Courses$69.95 to $529.95 per course600+ CoursesHigh School & Higher Ed Students, General InterestHistory, literature, the arts, philosophy, religion, science, and businessSelf-paced lecture CDs, DVDs, audio and video downloads, and transcript books with video & audio streamingNoEnglishNone2.56
12Open EducationFree300+ CoursesGeneral interest, K-12 & Higher Education Students, ProfessionalsArts & Humanities, Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Business, Education, K-12 contentSelf-paced & Scheduled coursesNoEnglish (predominantly), Portuguese, Italian, SpanishCertificate of Completion on some courses2.56$9 to $395 a course200+ CoursesBusiness ProfessionalstTechnology, Business & Leadership, Marketing, Design and Data & AnalyticsSelf-paced short online coursesNoEnglishCertificates of Completion2.32
14Eliademy€1 to €900 per course10,000+ Free & Paid CoursesProfessionals, K-12, Academic, General InterestCreative, Business and law, Education, Humanities, Languages, Life science, Philosophy, Physical and social science, TechnologyCrowdsourced Self-paced & scheduled online coursesNoMultipleCertificates on some courses2.21

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