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Open Courseware Provider Comparison Table

Open Courseware (OCW) is a term used for core teaching materials used in graduate and undergraduate university classes made openly available online by universities at no cost. Open Courseware may include text-based documents, audio and video files, lecture notes, podcasts etc
Open Courseware is primarily a resource for Higher education students and faculty, or can be used for general interest. Learning with OCW is self-directed and unsupported and any assessments are usually self-graded.

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Rank 2016ProviderNº CoursesSubjectsCourse TypeLearning PathwaysLanguagesCertificatesCreditOverall Rating
1OpenLearn800+Arts & Humanities, Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Business & Finance, Languages, Education, SportMostly Self-paced free coursesNoEnglishStatement of ParticipationNo4.00
2UC Irvine OpenCourseWare100+Arts, Biological Sciences, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences, Social Ecology, Social SciencesSelf-paced free coursewareYesEnglishNoIn some cases (fees apply)3.81
3JHSPHOPENcourseware100+Public Health & Medical SciencesSelf-paced free open coursewareNoEnglish, Chinese, JapaneseNoNo3.69
4Gresham College1,500+ lecturesArt & Literature, Business, History, Law, Mathematics, Medical Science, Music, Politics, Religion, Science and UnusualSelf-paced free lecturesNoEnglishNoNo3.63
5Open.Michigan200+Literature, Science, Health & Medicine, Arts, Engineering, BusinessSelf-paced free coursewareNoEnglishNoNo3.50
6MIT OpenCourseWare2,000+Business, Energy, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Society, Teaching and EducationFree self-paced contentCurriculum guideEnglish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, KoreanNoNo3.44
6The Open Learning Initiative (OLI)27Argument Diagramming, Sciences, Languages, Engineering Statics, Logic, Media Programming, Statistics, SpeechFree self-paced coursesNoEnglishNoNo3.44
7Harvard@Home60+Arts, social sciences, history, current affairs, literature, science, mathematicsSelf-paced free open coursewareNoEnglishNoNo3.38
8Webcast.berkeley100+Webcasts on biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, history, health, political science, sociology and statistics.Free self-paced webcastsNoEnglishNoNo3.25
9Open Yale Courses40+Humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciencesFree self-paced coursesNoEnglishNoNo3.13
10Tufts Open Courseware55+Health & Medicine, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, International RelationsSelf-paced free coursewareNoEnglishNoNo3.00
11 Open Education Consortium30,000+ modulesAcademic Support Services, Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Sciences, Workforce developmentFree self-paced contentNoArabic, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, TurkishNoNo2.75
12UMass Boston Open Courseware50Sciences, Communications, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Mathematics, EducationSelf-paced free coursewareNoEnglish, SpanishNoNo2.50
13Utah State Open Courseware80Health & Medicine, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, International RelationsSelf-paced free coursewareNoEnglishNoNo2.44

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