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MOOC Platform Comparison Table - 2017

See MoocLab's MOOC Platform Comparison Table for 2018

MoocLab's interactive Comparison Tables provide key information relating to each platform allowing you to make informed choices based on your own measures of importance. Each provider listed in the Comparison Tables also links to a more detailed review of the provider hosted in the MoocLab Reviews section.

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Please note that whereas in some cases the course content may be free to access, obtaining a certificate or credit often incurs a cost. See our Guide to MOOC Certificates for more details.

See 2017 League Table

Rank 2017MOOC PlatformUsersNº CoursesFree CoursesPaid CoursesSubjectsCertificatesPathwaysCollege CreditDegreeCourse TypeType of LearningCourse LanguageOverall Rating
1Coursera23,000,0001,800+YesYesVariedVerifiedSpecializationsYesYesAcademic, ProfessionalOn-demandMultiple4.90
1EdX10,000,000950+YesYesVariedVerifiedXseriesYesYesAcademic, ProfessionalScheduled, On-demandMostly English4.90
2FutureLearn5,300,000450+YesNoVariedNon-verifiedProgramsYesYesAcademic, ProfessionalScheduledEnglish4.38
3Udacity4,000,000160+YesYesTechnologyVerifiedNanodegreesNoYesProfessional On-demandEnglish4.10
4Saylor AcademyUnknown100+YesNoVariedNon-verifiedDiplomasYesYesAcademicOn-demandEnglish4.03
5iversity750,00045+YesYesVariedVerifiedTracksECTSNoAcademic, ProfessionalScheduled, On-demandEnglish, German3.75
6Big Data University400,00050+YesNoData ScienceBadgesYesNoNoProfessionalOn-demandMultiple2.83
7Open2Study500,00070+YesNoVariedNon-verifiedNoNoYesAcademic, ProfessionalScheduledEnglish2.68
8NovoEdUnknown35+YesYesBusinessNon-verifiedNoNoNoAcademic, ProfessionalScheduledEnglish2.23
10Canvas NetworkUnknown200+YesNoVariedProvider dependentNoNoNoAcademicScheduled, On-demandEnglish1.53

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