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MoocLab's Degree Paths

Degree equivalent learning paths using MOOCs

Get The Equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree with a MOOC-Based Learning Path

MoocLab's Degree Paths harness the power of MOOCs from hundreds of top universities to fully replicate a traditional university degree.

Gaining a traditional university degree can be very costly and many people can't afford it. That is why we have collated the best MOOCs to create degree equivalent learning programs making higher education much more affordable and flexible for anyone.

About MoocLab's Degree Paths

MoocLab's Degree Paths offer the equivalent of a traditional Bachelor's Degree. To create each learning path, we have selected top university courses (MOOCs) that are offered online and are open to anyone. All the courses are available via 3rd party websites, notably Coursera and EdX - the two main MOOC platforms.
Each Degree Path is made up of core courses which are required and additional subject-based options some of which may also be required. To gain the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree, you must complete all the course requirements including those in the General Education section.
The majority of courses listed can be audited free of charge, but usually offer the option to add a verified certificate for a fee.

How it works

  1. Select a Degree Path here
  2. Follow the course recommendations - study at your own pace
  3. Achieve your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MoocLab's Degree Paths Accredited?

No. The degree paths allow you to gain the same knowledge that you would on a traditional degree. Currently, they are not accredited and MoocLab does not offer degrees.

Does MoocLab Grant Credit?

No. MoocLab does not grant credit. However, the courses that make up the degree paths are provided by 3rd party institutions, some of which may offer university credit.

Are MoocLab's Degree Paths Recognised by Employers?

We cannot guarantee that MoocLab's Degree Paths will be recognised by employers. However, the courses are provided by recognised institutions and completing a Degree Path can potentially increase your chances of getting a job in a related field. It is up to you to demonstrate that you have acquired the knowledge and skills at degree level.

How Long will it Take to Complete a Degree Path at MoocLab?

That depends on you. All the courses are delivered online allowing you to study at your own pace. If, for example, you commit 15 hours of study per week, a Degree Path at MoocLab would take on average between 2 and 3 years depending on the Degree Path.

Are the Courses Scheduled or On-Demand?

Both. Some courses run over a scheduled period, although you are not obliged to stick to the recommended schedule if you prefer to work at a quicker pace. Other courses are available on-demand. Scheduled courses will offer multiple sessions, with some rerunning on a rolling basis.

Does MoocLab Offer any Learner Support?

Yes. Each Degree Path has a designated peer support group where fellow learners can share experiences and knowledge, offer and get support, and learn together.

Is there a Cost to Taking a Degree Path at MoocLab?

The majority of courses listed in MoocLab's Degree Paths can be audited free of charge. However, most individual courses offer the option to gain a certificate as proof of learning in exchange for a fee.

Should I Choose to Audit a Course for Free or Pay for a Verified Certificate?

This choice is totally up to you and will depend on your goal. If you simply wish to gain degree-level knowledge, the free audit option is probably the right choice. However, if your goal is to build an academic transcript as proof of having the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree, we recommend obtaining a verified certificate for each course you complete.

How can I build an Academic Transcript to Prove I have gained the Equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree?

Most of the courses in MoocLab's Degree Paths offer the option to gain a verified certificate. These certificates are easily shareable and provide a verification URL link. To build a transcript of your learning path, you'll need to follow the course recommendations within your chosen Degree Path on MoocLab and keep a record of all the courses you have completed with the relevant certificate verification URL for each one.

If you wish, you can use MoocLab's Transcript Builder to add your MOOC certificates to a secure database. On request MoocLab will then issue a Transcript of Academic Record in your name for $25 USD*. You can see what a MoocLab Transcript of Academic Record looks like here. To request an Academic Transcript, please use our contact form here.

*We will check the the authenticity of your certificates using the verification URL provided. Any false certificates will not be included in transcripts and refunds will not be issued.


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