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Online Coding Bootcamp Comparison Table

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Online BootcampAverage Price
If multiple price plans are offered, the price here represents the mean average of all the different price plans available
Skill Level
The user's level of skill most suited to the courses on offer
FE: Front-end web development
BE: Back end web development
FS: Full stack web development
UX: User experience design
Course Type
Session-based courses have a scheduled start and an end date

On-demand courses allow users to study on their own schedule
The time required to complete the program
Mentoring usually consists of a number of 1 to 1 sessions with an expert
Official documentation or evidence that the course has been completed: commonly a project portfolio and/or a course certificate
Job Assistance
Some providers offer course graduates career coaching and/or job placement
The necessary skills required prior to taking the course
Overall Rating
MoocLab's overall rating out of a total of 5 based on a number of criteria
AcadGild$1,124Beginner-IntermediateFE/BE/FS/UX/Android/Big DataSession-based4-16 weeksYesPortfolio & CertificateYesNone4.00
Bloc$14,499Beginner-AdvancedFE/BE/FS/UX/Android/iOSSession-based12-36 weeksYesPortfolioYesNone3.71
CareerFoundry€1,699Beginner-IntermediateFE/BE/UXSession-based12-24 weeksYesPortfolioYesNone4.65
Code Union$2,250Beginner-AdvancedFE/BESession-based4-8 weeksNoPortfolioNoBasic coding skills3.61
CodeCloud.me$506/monthBeginner-AdvancedFE/BEOn-demandUp to 12 weeksYesPortfolioYesNone3.39
Coding Campus$5,100Beginner-AdvancedFE/BESession-based2/9/18 weeksYesPortfolioYesPrep work4.65
Coding Dojo$7,500Beginner-AdvancedFE/BE/FS/UXSession-based14 weeksYesPortfolioNoPrep work3.74
Designlab$299BeginnerUXSession-based4-6 weeksYesPortfolio & CertificateNoNone3.71
General Assembly: Web Design Circuit$1,250Beginner-IntermediateUXSession-based12 weeksYesPortfolioYesNone2.35
Hack Reactor Remote Beta$17,780Beginner-AdvancedFSSession-based12 weeksYesPortfolioYesBasic coding skills4.68
Launch Academy$999/monthBeginner-IntermediateFE/BESession-based12 - 24 weeksYesPortfolioYesBasic coding skills4.19
Ronin (Makers Academy)$4,000Beginner-IntermediateFE/BESession-based12 weeksYesPortfolioYesNone4.68
Skillcrush$399Beginner-IntermediateFE/BE/UXOn-demand12 weeksNoCertificateNoBasic coding skills3.26
Launch School$199/monthBeginner-IntermediateFE/BEOn-demand30 - 40 weeksNoNoneYesPrep work4.19
The Firehose Project$4,000Beginner-AdvancedFE/BE/FSSession-based12 weeksYesPortfolioNoNone4.65
The Learn-Verified Web Developer program$500 - $1,000/monthBeginner-IntermediateFE/BE/FSOn-demand600-800 hoursYesPortfolioYesNone4.74
The Mobile Makers Academy$5,000Beginner-IntermediateiOSSession-based8 weeksYesPortfolioNoPrep work4.26
Thinkful$733Beginner-IntermediateFESession-based12 - 24 weeksYesPortfolioYesNone3.97
Viking Code School18% of first year's salaryBeginner-IntermediateFE/BE/FSSession-based16 weeksYesPortfolioYesBasic coding skills4.68

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