MOOC Transcript Builder

Get a verified transcript of academic record for all your completed MOOCs

We regret to inform you that this service has been discontinued.

Most MOOCs offer the option to gain a verified certificate. These certificates are easily shareable and provide a verification URL link which allows you to prove that your certificate is genuine and that you completed and passed a course.

Unfortunately, information or documentation about your course progress, completion, grades, or other information is often not provided besides the Course Certificate.

MoocLab’s Transcript of Academic Record is a document produced by MoocLab that certifies your accomplishments and provides information about the course, a list of all the assignments you completed in the course including the grades you achieved for each assignment as well as your overall grade.

MoocLab’s Transcript of Academic Record can then be shared with potential employers, schools, colleges or universities as comprehensive proof of your accomplishments and grades.

How it works

  1. Submit details for your MOOC certificates using MoocLab's Transcript Builder.
  2. We verify the authenticity of your certificates, proof of accomplishments and grades.
  3. Once verified, we will contact you using the email address you provided with further instructions on how to receive your Transcript of Academic Record.


The cost for an Academic Transcript issued by MoocLab is USD $25 for up to a maximum of five individual courses or one specialization program. For transcripts certifying more than 5 courses, the cost per additional course is USD $5. To view a sample transcript issued by MoocLab, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Transcript of Academic Record?

With MOOC credentials gaining in credibility, employers and educational institutions are starting to recognise the value of this form of education, a trend that is likely to grow over the coming years. Being able to provide an official and verified transcript of your MOOC credentials will be beneficial if you are asked to provide a record of the study you have completed using MOOCs.

How can I provide proof of my accomplishments and grades in a MOOC?

For information on providing Proof of Learning to obtain a MOOC Transcript of Academic Record, see MOOC Academic Transcripts - Proof of Learning

Does MoocLab Grant Credit?

No. MoocLab does not grant credit. However, some MOOC providers may offer university credit.

Are MoocLab's transcripts recognised by employers?

We cannot guarantee that MoocLab's Transcripts of Academic Record will be recognised by employers or educational institutions. However, if your MOOC transcript includes course certificates issued by recognised institutions, providing a verified transcript as proof of your learning can potentially increase your chances of getting a job in a related field or accepted in a school.

How can I order my MOOC Transcript of Academic Record?

To order a MOOC Transcript of Academic Record, you need to submit details for your MOOC certificates using MoocLab's Transcript Builder. We will then contact you with further instructions on how to receive your Transcript of Academic Record.