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Roses are red,
roses are pink too
I'm here to study
Not to make rhyme

Hey people, My name is Pihu. I'm 17 y/o, 12th grader (Boards) struggling to graduate.
I'm not really putting out any choices (only 12th graders), since time is very less for me and I'm running against time.
You can be my academic rival (I've heard they keep you motivated *smiles smugly*)
or be my study partner. Both are welcome.
-Science (PCMB) student.​


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Hi, everyone! I'm Kyra! I'm taking up BS Psychology, and I'm in my 2nd year. I'm looking for a strict study buddy who can somehow motivate me and influence me to become more diligent in my studies.

Tanisha goyal

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Hey Tanisha here,
I am looking for a study bud who I can make a friend as well, we can study hard right now and have virtual movie nights later :)
so message me if you're interested


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Hello MoocLab Community! WELCOME!

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I can't wait to meet our community here...

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Hi(Konichiwa!), I'm Nixie Vensera(hajimemashite, Nixie desu). I'm a second year BScIT software engineering student. I love learning about random topics as I am naturally curious about the way things work.

My main study topics are:
Programming, Software, Business (In terms of entrepreneurship, Marketing and business hot topics ) and Japanese (Duolingo and self-study).

I would like to study for as many hours as possible and am trying to find a study buddy who either has similar learning goals as mine or one that spends a lot of time studying. I don't mind whether you're incognito or not, just please be serious and motivational (Onegaishimasu!)

doumo arigatou! sayounara!