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Where can I find a competitive programming coach?

Posted in 'Learning to code' started by Quora Feeds, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Lalit Kundu

    Let me introduce you to the harsh reality of the world. You ever want to do something in life? Then stop expecting that someone will mentor you through all the difficulties. You should realize that nobody has that much time to coach you personally. However, you’re not all alone, there is a way. There are thousands who, when present at your current state, made it their goal to not stay like that anymore. These are the people who’ll help you in tids and bits, but not as someone dedicated to “mentor” you.

    Every top competitive programmer I know has been a self-learner. They never had someone constantly behind them who kept telling them what to do next. At later stages though, when someone(for example, their university coach) saw the potential in them, coached their teams to improve them further. Have you heard of Anudeep Nekkanti, to whom being from a 3rd-tier college didn’t act as a deterrent in qualifying for ICPC world finals and that too single-handedly?

    Internet is an awesome place, truly. You can find all the help you need through:
    • Quora. Did you search basic queries you had, or went through the FAQs of competitive programming? I myself have written a lot of answers about how you should practice, what you shouldn’t do as a beginner, which platforms are best for beginners and so on. Hopefully, people have learned something from them.
    • Codeforces forums. Have a doubt in a problem? How does this algorithm work? Why is this solution correct? Codeforces forums are the place to be. A very active community will help you clear all your doubts.
    • Google search. Want to learn a new algorithm or data structure? A simple query and you’ll have thousands of resources at your help.
    • MOOCs. For someone who has just started competitive programming and doesn’t have a good background in algorithms and data structures or someone who finds it easier to learn through videos can start with various courses available online.

    So, don’t worry about getting a mentor and start learning by yourself. If you’re stuck, you can ask questions to fellow programmers and you’ll not be disappointed by the answers, if you’re asking the right questions. I’ve noticed that missing guidance is almost never more a factor in failure than the lack of determination and resilience. Get set strong, you’ve a long path to go. Don’t think you’re alone on this path. Good luck!

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