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What types of certification or credentials are required for a Qualified Teaching Profile?

Posted in 'Becoming a Tutor' started by MoocLab, Sep 4, 2018.

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    A person who is certified to teach or is already teaching professionally may qualify for a qualified teaching profile on MoocLab.

    If you set up a qualified teacher's resource page on MoocLab we will need to upload documentation that proves your training or experience BOTH in:
    1. Education
    2. Subject expertise
    Since different countries offer different certification for education, we review each application personally and make our decisions based on all of the information you provide.

    Qualified teacher profiles on MoocLab must be able to demonstrate both skills. This way, we can confidently recommend you to new students who want professional assistance with their learning.

    How to provide documents:

    Once you have set up your tutor resource page, you will need to provide MoocLab with a copy of your relevant degrees, certificates, work documents, or other proof of training, experience, or special expertise.To find out how you can have your credentials verified by MoocLab, see How do I verify my credentials?

    Examples of Acceptable Documents and Certificates
    • Accredited Teaching Certification
    • University or Higher Education Degree in Education (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral Degree in Education)
    • Teaching License
    • Proof of Employment at Training or Teaching Institution
    • Reference Letter from a School Director or reputable Teaching Institution
    • Copy of a work contract showing your employment as a professional teacher
    All documents:
    • Must be signed and dated
    • Must have clearly visible contact information
    • Must show the dates of your employment
    • Must briefly describe your responsibilities
    Other work experience may also be acceptable if it is from an institution that demonstrates excellent standards for teaching or other similar services.

    See also: How can I show what qualifications or credentials I have to students?
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