The Robots are Coming! 5 Courses to Help You Stay Relevant

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    Due to technology and automation, half of today’s jobs will not exist in 2030. What’s more, the remainder of the jobs left will either change completely or be different in some way.

    If robots are truly ‘taking over the world’ (or at least the workplace), then how can you prepare? The best way to embrace the influx of AI and automation, is to truly understand it. Getting a grasp on the skills needed to make, manage and innovate on the robots of the future is a great way to feel ready to address their arrival.

    Here are five courses you can take to prepare for the robot takeover:


    ColumbiaX (self-paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today
    Autonomous Mobile Robots

    ETHx (Self-Paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today
    Robotics: Fundamentals

    PennX (Self-Paced – Part of the Robtoics )

    [​IMG] Enroll Today
    Robotics: Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning

    PennX (Self-Paced)

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    Robotics: Dynamics and Control

    PennX (self-paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today

    Did these last three courses pique your interest? If so, explore the Robotics MicroMasters program to learn how to design, build and program robots in one of the fastest growing tech fields today.

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