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    I love reading student reviews on CourseTalk and wanted to share some of my favorites from last week, March 13 – March 19, 2017. This is a pretty diverse set of topics and providers, highlighting the fact that while big players like Coursera or edX are certainly doing a great job with their courses, there a few other notable providers out there.

    We start with a Hall of Fame course from edX – The Science of Everyday Thinking. It has been very popular with edX students for a few years now and we can see why – over 90% of impressive 1163 reviews rate this course with 5 stars.

    It’s no secret that technology and business are probably the topics most covered by online courses and MOOCs, but here’s an excellent example of a highly rated paleontology course, also provided by edX – Dinosaur Ecosystems.

    Next, we have reviews of 3 Treehouse courses – Java Objects, JavaScript Basics and Local Development Environments. They confirm a trend that we’ve noticed a while ago – Treehouse has expert instructors teaching material in a very engaging and easy to follow way on a platform that is very enjoyable to use. By the way, video speed adjustment is an awesome feature, great to see more providers adopting it!

    Smartly is one of our favorite providers here at CourseTalk and it’s absolutely no surprise that their Finance: Time Value of Money course is rated so highly by learners.

    Coursera’s The Science of the Solar System is another course to receive 90% of 5 star rating based 274 reviews. Two reviews of this course made our list today.

    Ralph Turchiano’s review got me interested in College Algebra and Problem Solving by edX – I was looking to refresh my algebra skills and may very well choose this course to do that. Ralph also highlighted the importance of on-demand self-paced availability.

    Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel is produced by Microsoft and has been one of the most popular edX courses lately. Yadav Shrestha shows that knowledge acquired through this course is very well applicable in the workplace.

    Not all courses universally receive high ratings. Sometimes there are empty discussion forums or poor site loading speed or, as in the case of edX’s From Poverty to Prosperity: Understanding Economic Development – a grading system that “made unfair” what would otherwise have been a great course.


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