Is there a way to mass download the materials from a Coursera course?

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Jansen Simanullang

I have answered similar questions on Quora:

Here is my answer:

  • Most of the solution provided before 2016 is no longer help much for the new;
  • downloading from the older '' is easy since:
    • it is a simple html and can be parsed with html parser;
    • all links to the course material is provided in one page url;
    • you can use many popular software like 'DownThemAll', 'coursera-dl', 'Internet Download Manager', to download all the materials you wish to download;
    • there are many solutions already provided in for this one web page download purpose;
  • downloading from the newer '' however is harder since:
    • it is javascript rendered and must be parsed using a browser engine, meaning: the html elements you want to parse may not be visible until you view it in a browser;
    • links to the course materials are spread within many page urls;
    • most of the downloader solutions provided are not crawlers in themselves, meaning they cannot download everything from one url and you have to supply all the urls you want to download;
    • you will get tired of checking and collecting 144 urls for one Coursera course you took;
    • you will probably stop checking and downloading after one or two Coursera courses among several 13 courses you took;
  • You need both a crawler and a downloader to grab videos from the new;
  • So, I made this www-coursera-downloader just to answer your question of a way to bulk download materials from Coursera;
  • It is able to download all videos, subtitles and transcripts of your enrolled Coursera course;
  • www-coursera-downloader usage:

python www-coursera-downloader.pyc

  • You will be prompted to supply user (email) and password for your Coursera account:

------------------ WELCOME TO COURSERA DOWNLOADER -------------------

one time setup user and password

Enter your e-mail address:

Enter your Coursera password: somesecretwords

User and password has been saved to coursera.pass file.

Please delete the file if you want to change your credentials.

  • Your credentials are encrypted and then saved locally into a file named coursera.pass placed in the same folder of this script.
  • You will be prompted to select the course:

------------------ WELCOME TO COURSERA DOWNLOADER -------------------
Getting courses list...
Welcome to Coursera!

There are 13 courses available

[1] Machine Learning: Regression
[2] Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach
[3] Using Databases with Python
[4] Using Python to Access Web Data
[5] R Programming
[6] Practical Predictive Analytics: Models and Methods
[7] Machine Learning: Recommender Systems & Dimensionality Reduction
[8] Machine Learning: Clustering & Retrieval
[9] Machine Learning: Classification
[10] The Data ScientistÔÇÖs Toolbox
[11] Computational Investing, Part I
[12] Machine Learning for Data Analysis
[13] Practical Machine Learning

[ ] Please pick course number!

  • bot will crawl all the lesson in all weeks of your selected course;
  • it then will download all the videos, subtitles and transcripts in your selected course and name them by lecture title.

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I also have the need to download Coursera course video lectures.

Then I google searched and test so many so called Coursera Downloader.

Finally and luckily, I find Allavsoft which does works great in download all videos lectures from coursera.

Why not just give it a try?

According to my experience, it also helps to download video courses from Lynda, Udemy, Tutsplus, Digital Tutors, CruncyRoll, Pluralsight etc.

Hope it also helps for you.