If you can go back to that time when you started programming, what would you suggest yourself?

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Philip Noah

My 'problem' was I taught myself how to program in BASIC when I was in 7th grade. I programmed on my own for 2 years before I took a programming class in High school. Since I knew basic I did a year's worth of assignments in the first semester. I did learn a few things but I kept my 'bad' programming habits. When i started college I took a C programming class and did awful!! I was constantly fighting the language and wanting to program like I did in basic which won't work at all in C ! it is a different mindset. Once I figured out that I had to 'abandon' basic and have an open mind about how a language 'should work' I was able to master C++ in no time, but by that time I was out of school and had wasted 5 years that i could have been a C/C++ developer instead of a PC tech.

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