I really, really want to learn to code. However, upon taking classes and practicing (in C),...

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Marcus Geduld

You may be have unreal expectations about how fast you can learn. You say, "I can't wrap my head around the concepts and logic." You mean so far?

How many large scale C applications have you built? Most of us don't learn a programming concept until we've used it in several real applications. We sorta-kinda get it when we read about it in books, but we don't really understand it until we wrestle with it. And writing little "hello world" tests doesn't count.

I'm a front-end developer, and I work for a consulting company. I regularly have to plunge into technologies I've never used before: backbone, angular, d3, coffee script, etc. My general strategy is to buy three different books, watch a bunch of video tutorials, and write some experimental code in jsfiddle.

Still, I never really understand what I'm doing until I've had to struggle with the technology within the context of a large project.

Programming is hard. It takes time. Patience and tenacity is more vital than intelligence.

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