Get Started on the Road to Happiness!

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    We’re celebrating International Day of Happiness! In honor of the occasion, we want to encourage you to do something that makes you happy today and every other day of the year.

    A great place to start is with learning something new. Did you know that learning and education can have many positive effects on our happiness? Mastering a new subject is a challenging, engaging, and meaningful activity that brings us a sense of direction and accomplishment.

    By setting a learning goal and then working toward achieving it, you can trigger positive changes in your brain chemistry that contribute to happiness. Not only that, but continuing to learn throughout your life can lead to long-lasting mental health benefits!

    Learning offers you the opportunity to enhance your career, supplement your studies, or try something new for your own enjoyment. No matter your goal, learning new skills and gaining knowledge can lead to a happier you. Need some inspiration to get started? Try one of these edX courses and see where they take you on the road to happiness!

    The Science of Happiness

    UC BerkeleyX (Self-Paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today
    Working in Teams: A Practical Guide

    UQx (Self-Paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today
    Basic Mandarin Chinese – Level 1

    MandarinX (Self-Paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today
    Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

    Microsoft (Self-Paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today
    Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

    DelftX (Self-Paced)

    [​IMG] Enroll Today

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