EdX Welcomes The University of Rosario

Posted in 'edX Blog' started by edX Blog, May 15, 2018.

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    We are excited to welcome The University of Rosario, a leading liberal arts university in Colombia, to the global community of edX partners.

    The University of Rosario has a rich history in Colombia, and strong tradition in internationalization and supporting student growth and independence. Rosario and edX are both committed to increasing access to high quality education to learners everywhere through online education, and we are thrilled to bring innovative new programs from Rosario to the edX global community.

    The first offering from Rosario will be a Spanish-language Professional Certificate program, Software Design for Organizational Decision-Making. This program is for learners interested in the design and programming of information systems that allow organizations to make informed decisions

    The program consists of two courses, which are currently open for enrollment:

    We are excited for the benefits that our growing number of Spanish-speaking users will gain from the offerings available from Rosario on edX, and look forward to our continued efforts to expand access to high-quality education content globally.

    Please join me in welcoming the University of Rosario to edX!

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