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    We are honored to announce that IBM, the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, has joined the global community of edX partners.

    IBM is defined by its commitment to constant innovation and its culture of lifelong learning, and edX is excited to be working together to further this shared commitment. We are thrilled to bring IBM’s courses to edX learners, who are looking for the technology skills needed to be successful in today’s ever changing workplace .

    Today, IBM is announcing two new Professional Certificate programs in Deep Learning and Chatbots on edX. Professional Certificate programs are a series of courses designed to build or advance critical, in-demand skills for a specific career.

    IBM’s Chief Learning Officer, Gordon Fuller, shared: “Today we’re seeing a transformational shift in society. Driven by innovations like AI, cloud computing, blockchain and data analytics, industries from cybersecurity to healthcare to agriculture are being revolutionized. These innovations are creating new jobs but also changing existing ones—and require new skills that our workforce must be equipped with. We’re partnering with edX to make verified certificate programs available through their platform that will enable society to embrace and develop the skills most in-demand.”

    Leon Katsnelson, CTO and Director, IBM Skills Network, shared: “Accelerating pace of technology especially in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Blockchain is proving particularly challenging for traditional education institutions. As a result, we see more students and industry professionals turning to online learning platforms like edX.org. We are delighted to partner with edX to offer IBM courses, hands-on labs and Professional Certificate programs to the edX community to develop and practice skills in these fast moving technologies.”

    IBM and edX are both dedicated to providing learners with the opportunity to embrace lifelong learning through building skills in the most cutting edge technologies that are being used today. We look forward to sharing news of new programs and courses in the future.

    Please join me in welcoming IBM to edX!

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