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  • Skill Level:
    Beginners to Intermediate
    Deferred fee model: 18% of their first year's salary
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL
    Live instruction, 1-on-1 help, tutorials, video lessons, projects and code reviews
    Course Length:
    12-16 weeks (1,000+ hours)
    Project Portfolio
    Basic coding skills
    Software/Hardware Requirements:
    Mac or a Linux, good internet connection

    Viking Code School is a 16-week immersive online software engineering and job placement program. Students learn in-demand skills in the tech sector today by working with the full web development stack in a team-based immersive learning environment focused on turning students into world class web developers. Participants work closely with instructors and teammates to learn the fundamentals of software engineering and the modern web development stack, mastering new technologies and solving complex problems. Daily group project-building tasks allow students to build a portfolio of deployed applications and the skills to take on production-scale challenges in a career as a developer. Instructors and mentors offer guidance and support throughout the program with tech talks, group demos, 1-on-1 sessions, pairing help, and code reviews, keeping an emphasis on constant collaboration and pair programming.

    In addition to the core programming curriculum, the course offers daily training in self-marketing skills to ensure participants find the job they want, and comfortably ace the technical interview process. The program finishes with a no-holds-barred hiring bootcamp and Demo Day, with the opportunity to present projects to interested employers.

    Cohorts run for 16 weeks plus a 1-week break in the middle. Admissions are done on a rolling basis until the cohort fills up. Preparation takes 4-8 weeks. The program does not charge for tuition, but offers a deferred fee model where participants pay a fee which is 18% of their first year's salary.

    Tools & Features
    • Collaborative project work via screen sharing, video and chat
    • Live instruction, 1-on-1 help, tutorials, video lessons, projects and code reviews
    • 70+ hours official weekly support
    • Group sessions and SCRUMs
    • Scheduled start & end dates
    • Rigorous application process involves multiple challenges and interviews
    • Deferred fee model (18% of their first year's salary)
    • $2,000 refundable deposit (if no job is found within six months)
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "A life-changing learning experience"
    Content & Instruction:
    Fun Factor:
    Pros - Quality instruction & materials
    Excellent support network from peers and instructors
    1:1 mentorship
    Job assistance
    Excellent job prospects
    Deferred fee model
    Cons - Highly intensive program
    Non US-based participants are not currently accepted
    The Viking Code School program requires an enormous amount of time and effort commitment, but provides a life-changing learning experience for the dedicated student who will develop cutting-edge, job-ready skills leading to excellent job opportunities.

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