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Course Directories Open Education Database (OEDb.org)

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    Open Education Database is a comprehensive online education directory for both free and for-credit learning options. The site’s database of free educational resources holds 10,000+ free online audio and visual lectures, full courses and multimedia covering a variety of subjects. The free open course offering primarily focuses on Open Courseware offered by accredited universities, including UC Berkeley, MIT, and Yale University. Registration is not required to access any of the resources listed. Users can search by key word or browse resources via 8 subject categories. The filtering tools allow you to select resources by resource type (course, video, text etc), and by course provider.

    In addition to the free open courses, the site also features a database of more than 1,600 online schools as well as annual online college rankings. The iLibrarian blog covers a variety of topics, such as technology, information, social media, and gaming.
  • At a glance
    • Free Courses: Yes
    • Paid Courses: Yes
    • Search Engine: Yes
    • Filtering/Sorting: Yes
    • Social Features: No
    • Course Tracking:No
    • Ratings & Reviews: No
    • Course Comparison Tool: No
    • Articles/Blog: Yes
    • Newsletter: No

    Facts & Figures
    • Nº Providers: 70+
    • Nº Resources: 10,000+ (free resources)


    • Search by keyword or subject area
    • Filter by resource type and institution
    • Annual online college rankings
    • Information on financial aid and scholarships
    • Database of accredited online colleges
    • Online school guides
    • “Degree Finder” tool
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "A great source for Open Courseware"
    Pros - Large catalog of resources
    Includes open courseware from top universities
    Offers different types of free study resources (courses, videos, text etc)
    Includes accredited online schools, online college rankings & guides
    No registration is required
    Cons - No social tools or features
    No interaction with peers
    No course reviews
    OEDB.org offers a comprehensive directory for free and open courseware and courses, ideal for self-directed learners looking mainly for quality study resources without frills.

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