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    This site helps you navigate e-Learning resources and MOOCs by systematizing information about free and cheap online education. You can use this service to find MOOCs, online courses, share comments and reviews. The site aims to help people build a personal education path using free or cheap online courses as an alternative to traditional higher education. By selecting your desired skills or profession, the tool builds all possible paths through different online courses from different providers. The "My education passport" tool is used to showcase your personal education and can be made public or integrated into resumes.
  • At a glance
    • Free Courses: Yes
    • Paid Courses: Yes
    • Search Engine: Yes
    • Filtering/Sorting: Yes
    • Social Features: Yes
    • Course Tracking: Yes
    • Ratings & Reviews: Yes
    • Course Comparison Tool: No
    • Articles/Blog: Yes
    • Newsletter: Yes
    Facts & Figures
    • Nº courses: 16,600+
    • Nº providers: 42
    • Total nº reviews: 0
    • Nº reviewed courses: 0
    • Nº courses with more than 5 reviews: 0
    • Nº Subject Areas: 18
    • 3 types of user account: Student, Course Provider, Certification Provider
    • Sort by name, rating, price, start date, provider & category
    • List of courses features course description, nº votes & reviews, overall rating, price & provider
    • Course Overview page with brief description, comments & reviews, other interested/enrolled students, relevant certification exams, related courses & other relevant resources
    • List of providers with overview
    • List of certification exams with link to relevant courses
    • Online Learning Paths suggested by users of the site.
    • List of popular paths & interests
    • Course calender featuring course start dates - can be viewed by course name, provider or tags
    • Community Forum
    • Personal education planning tool
    • Personal Education Passport to showcase education history and certificates
    • Certification exams directory
    • Profile Page featuring personal education history, paths & certificates which can be made public
    • Users can follow other users to get activity updates
    • Public timeline logging site activities
    • Users can vote for & review listed courses
    • The forum is relatively new so currently fairly inactive
    • Although there are currently no reviewed courses, users have voted on 46% of the courses (the majority of these have an overall rating of 4 out of 5)
    • Simple interface
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "A very resourceful discovery and LMS website"
    Pros - Extensive catalog of free & cheap online courses
    Shared learning pathways
    Relevant certification exams
    Great social community potential
    Cons - Social community features not yet active
    No current course reviews
    Simple interface
    An e-learning resource with a lot of potential providing numerous useful tools and resources for learners to achieve their online learning goals


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