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Course Directories Mooctivity

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    Launched in 2013, Mooctivity is an online education platform where students can search for and access free online courses from a number of course providers based on key features, such as Provider, Language, Start date, Duration, Workload, Subject area & Institution. The site includes a social network and ratings. Users can invite friends, follow people, and see how many Facebook likes each course has received. Mooctivity is still in beta and currently has fewer reviews than other similar sites.
  • At a glance
    • Free Courses: Yes
    • Paid Courses: No
    • Search Engine: Yes
    • Filtering/Sorting: Yes
    • Social Features: Yes
    • Course Tracking: Yes
    • Ratings & Reviews: Yes
    • Course Comparison Tool: No
    • Articles/Blog: Yes
    • Newsletter: No

    Facts & Figures
    • Nº courses: 1,600+
    • Nº providers: 16
    • Total nº reviews: Not known
    • Nº reviewed courses: 257 out of 1,419 courses (18%)
    • Nº courses with more than 5 reviews: 17 out of 257 reviewed courses (7%)
    • Nº Subject Areas: 45
    • List of Providers
    • List of Subject categories
    • List of Institutions
    • List of recently added courses
    • List of Popular courses
    • Filter options: Provider, Language, Start date, Duration, Workload, Subject area, Institution
    • Course ratings: Overall, Materials & Difficulty
    • Reviewers select course status: Interested, Currently Enrolled, Successfully Completed, Successfully Completed (with Certificate), Audited, Dropped Out
    • Social network that allows you to invite and follow your friends
    • Featured Posts & Posts by people you follow
    • Blog
    • Can’t select reviewed courses only
    • Doesn't state the number of reviews per course
    • Out of the 257 reviewed courses, the majority only have between 1 & 3 reviews
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Room for improvement!"
    Pros - User Profile
    Users can save courses to their profile
    Users can follow and invite friends
    Cons - Limited number of listed courses compared to other MOOC directories
    Limited number of course ratings
    Mooctivity offers a good overall user experience, but currently lacks the depth of content offered by other similar sites.


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