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  • Best for:
    High School Students, Higher Education Students, Professionals
    Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Computer Science, Business, Maths, Social Sciences
    Type of learning:
    Academic, skill-based
    Course type:
    Self-paced free & paid courses
    Learning pathways:
    Mobile Apps:
    Edevate's mission is to provide greater access to college and career readiness for the millions of working adults who have not been able to obtain a college degree, and to help working adults prepare for and earn college credit without going further into debt. What sets Edevate apart from other online course platforms is its centralized repository for students’ past and current educational achievements and the ability to produce a single transcript which documents the academic credit earned by the student and the skills that they have acquired. Edevate describes itself as "a comprehensive curator of all your adult learning including traditional courses, employment training & experiences, notable achievements, diverse non-traditional assessments of learning and of course MOOCS!"

    Edevate provides open online courses primarily from Udemy, Lynda.com & MIT Open Courseware. Once registered with Edevate students are prompted with suggested courses related to their goals, interests and prior educational experiences while students that are seeking entry to a particular skilled occupation can search for courses designed to prepare them for employment in that field and/or with a specific employer. Students are also able to add "traditional" classroom and other prior educational experiences to their transcript as well as earning academic credit by examination through Edevate's partnership with Excelsior College. All college credits earned through Edevate are approved by the American Council of Education for transfer to colleges and universities.

    Edevate also offers the MicroDegree®, a Digital Credential certifying that the holder has completed 1,000 hours of learning experience in a professional discipline including a minimum of 500 contact hours in accredited educational programs. The MicroDegree is institution agnostic, meaning that it can be earned by combining programs offered through many different institutions and the MicroDegree candidate has the freedom to stack and blend different types of educational processes.

    In addition, Edevate members can take a 3 month subscription college prep course for $29.95 a month with “The Edevate College Access Program™ .

    Tools & Features
    • 9,000+ free & low cost courses
    • 3 main course providers
    • Unique student profile
    • Current & completed course transcript
    • Assessments to earn skill certification or college credit
    • Option for students to rate completed courses

    Credit by examination through Edevate's partnership with Excelsior College.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Converting MOOCs into credentials"
    Number of courses:
    Partner Institutions:
    Course format:
    Social tools & features:
    Interface usability:
    Pros - Current & completed course transcript
    Assessments to earn skill certification or college credit
    Low-cost college prep courses
    Cons - Limited number of course providers
    Many of the listed courses have faulty links
    Many of the subjects & institutions listed have no courses listed
    Currently. there don't appear to be any course reviews
    Edevate's strongest feature is the ability to create a personal transcript of current & completed courses. However, many of the advertised features have no entries or don't work properly.


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